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Welcome! If you're here looking for a giveaway Pokémon, choose your preferred social media platform below to contact me when you're ready to pick it up. Keep in mind that while I don't care what you give me, alternate language Dittos, Best Dittos, Pokémon with Hidden Abilities, and Pokémon holding Everstones are a big help.

My Friend Code for Shield (English): SW-1547-5036-7511

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Picture of a Snom

AnyNature Ice Scales Snom, "Dylan"

Don't have the time to farm Max Raids for that perfect Hidden Ability Snom? Want to complete your Pokédex for something you can breed for better stats later? We understand.

Let us take the tedium out of grinding for an Ice Scales Snom out of your hands with our mostly-garbage Snoms! Their stats aren't the Best, but they're better than nothing!

We're working on providing you with the best in quality breedable Pokémon. We'll soon have better alternatives available.

Picture of a Galarian Corsola

Bold Cursed Body Corsola, "Haug"

Picture of a Scorbunny

Adamant Sucker Punch Scorbunny

Picture of a Galarian Ponyta

Jolly Standard Ponyta

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